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Brendan Mulholland online flute shcool


Brendan is one of the most sought-after teachers for Irish Traditional Flute both at home and abroad and he is also in constant demand as a performer.  Having started out playing the flute in the mid-eighties he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this online flute school.  Combine this with great humour, encouragement and many stories about the tunes along the way, it makes for a very informative, relaxed and enjoyable experience !

The flute school has a very strong emphasis on practice techniques and there is a separate course on this alone to cover the basic beginner to very advanced on daily routines and how to approach ornamentation.  There is the beginner, intermediate and advanced courses and for extra value Brendan has also added sections for key work & scales and if that isn't enough there will be a B flat suite where tunes will be added on the low B flat flute, one for the aficionado's !

You will have access to Brendan for advice, mentoring and most of all feedback on how you getting on via the various groups and music pages associated with the music school.

At least a years worth of material should keep you busy and new tunes will be added to this.  You will also have access to join Brendan's private (Flute Craic Sessions) happening every few months.  This will provide a meeting place where all the students can join Brendan from his home for a session on a  Saturday evening via zoom, pour a glass of wine get the flute and play TUNES !!


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